AEW is reportedly still going forward with the six-man tag team match that will see The Elite taking on The Inner Circle on Wednesday’s Dynamite, according to the latest Wrestling Observer Radio.. The announcement was made last month at Revolution. AEW announced a bombshell of a bout. Tony Khan has revealed that even though Dynamite will continue to air as planned, the Blood & Guts match slated to take place this Wednesday has been postponed indefinitely.. Last month, AEW revealed it would be bringing the iconic WarGames match to a very special edition of Dynamite.At that point, the only problem was it couldn't use the term WarGames since the trademark is owned by … However, due to the COVID-19 outbreak all over the world, the match … “Our goal every week with AEW Dynamite on TNT is to produce great shows for our fans, and I … By Jason Powell, ... Nick Jackson, and Hangman Page in the Blood & Guts match. The rules for Blood and Guts will be announced on this week’s edition of AEW Dynamite. AEW is bringing their own version of War Games to the pro wrestling world since they don’t own the right to that name. AEW announces the Blood & Guts match teams March 8, 2020. In an interview with, Nick Jackson of the Young Bucks talked about changes that AEW needed to make due to Covid-19 including the delay of the Blood and Guts cage match: “We spent… The match … Now we know the official rules for the upcoming Blood & Guts match… A few weeks later, AEW announced that The Elite and The Inner Circle would compete in the first-ever AEW Blood & Guts match. Categories AEW News NEWS TICKER NEWS UPDATES. The "Blood and Guts" event will broadcast from the Prudential Center in New Jersey and feature a war games match between Inner Circle and The Elite. On the next episode of AEW Dynamite (March 25th) AEW was set to put on their own WarGames-style match. AEW just revealed that they will have a match called Blood & Guts at an upcoming AEW Dynamite episode and it is just another War Games match. The Inner Circle will compete against The Elite in the inaugural Blood & Guts match on the March 25 edition of Dynamite in Newark, NJ. AEW planned on having the Blood & Guts match take place on next week’s Dynamite. It seemed inevitable and now it's official: AEW has postponed their big Blood and Guts match that was being hyped up for next week's edition of AEW Dynamite. AEW’s first Blood and Guts match takes place on a special edition of Dynamite on Wednesday, March 25th from Newark, NJ at the the Prudential Center. The winners of this contest will earn entry advantage for the upcoming Blood and Guts Match … AEW President Tony Khan posted a thread on Twitter tonight announcing that the AEW Blood & Guts match has been postponed, but AEW Dynamite will air live as scheduled this Wednesday.